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Wedding videography is sometimes a new concept for couples and there are a lot of unanswered questions. Here are some answers to common questions:


Q: So what exactly is a wedding videographer?  

A: We come in many different shapes and sizes. Our job is to film and capture one of the most important days of your lives. We are trained in lighting, cinematography, cameras, film equipment, audio equipment and the flow of a wedding day. We spend a whole wedding day collecting specific film clips and moments that we later edit and craft into a cohesive wedding film that represents the special moments from your wedding day.


Q: Why is it important to have a videographer on my wedding day?

A: For the majority of you, you will hire an expert photographer, which is a must. Being able to look back at photographic moments is such a special thing. But what about the moments that a photographer can not capture? Your spoken vows to one another. The moment you see each other for the first time and the movement and full reaction. The toasts that your best friends give on behalf of your wedding day. Grandma and Grandpa dancing out on the dance floor. All these moments are captured and preserved with film and audio. These are moments that simply can not be fully captured by still photography.


Q: What makes a great wedding film?

A: There are many moments in a wedding that make for amazing video moments and the more creative opportunities we have, the better your film will be. Here are some moments we look for: Reading notes that you’ve written to each other before the ceremony on camera. A first look always gives us great material so consider doing one. During the preparation shots we love when we can set your makeup and hair station next to a window in the room to give you the beautiful lighting your film deserves. Setting aside a block of time after the ceremony to get some one on one time with you and your husband or wife to film you being loving with one another. Great speeches are always a must in our eyes so say what you need to to your best man and maid of honor to go above and beyond for a memorable toast, you deserve it! And dancing! Make sure to take your wife or husband on the dance floor for more than just your first dance. You will be happy you did once you receive your wedding film.


Q: What is the best length of time to have a videographer out for our wedding day?

A: This all depends on how long your wedding day is. For most, 8 hours covers just about all you need. We like to be there about 2-3 hours before the ceremony starts to get great detail and preparation shots. This also allows us adequate time to leave and go set up for the ceremony. Then you want us there for the whole ceremony and for a good portion of the reception. At the reception you will want us to cover the entrances, first dances, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss and some festive dancing.


So let’s say your ceremony starts at 5pm you would want us to start 2-3 hours before that. Let’s call it 2pm. The ceremony starts at 5pm and lasts for 30 minutes, now it’s 5:30pm. Then cocktail hour goes from 6pm till 7pm. Your entrances and first dances take us to 7:15pm. Then you have dinner from 7:15pm till 8pm. Toasts start right near the end of dinner. Then the party starts. So around 8:15 you dance, do bouquet/garter and the cake over the last hour and 45 minutes you have with us. 8 hours worked perfect for that situation and usually does. Many of us offer less time or more time depending on what events you have going on during your wedding day so let us know what you need and we are always happy to accommodate!


Q: Do we really need to hire a professional videographer and photographer? We have a friend that has a camera that takes good pictures and video as a hobby.

A: I’ve heard this one many many times and I always have to warn couples about this. Yes it is your day and you certainly can choose a friend to help save on costs since weddings do cost a lot of money these days but I think 99% of the time you will be very disappointed in your decision. You hire a professional because we are just that… professional. We have filmed or photographed hundreds of weddings and are very skilled in how to get what’s important and to make it look incredible. We have seen it all and have lived to tell the tale. When hiring a professional you know that they have a lot of experience coordinating and traveling through a wedding day smoothly. We are trained in lighting and composition to create aesthetically pleasing images. We understand the flow of a ceremony and know where to be to get the best angles or how to get a high quality audio feed from the church so we can get all the spoken moments of your officiant. We have creative ideas for when it starts raining and the only time to do family portraits is at this exact moment. Wedding days are very complex and they tend to have a life of their own. Let a professional calm your nerves and help guide you and deliver the photos and video you always dreamed of.


Q: How do we choose a videographer?

A: You will spend a lot of time browsing websites, sending emails and making phone calls to different videographers. Some will impress you and others simply won’t. It’s best to go with your gut on this one. Make sure to choose someone that you get along with. Someone whose work makes an impression on you. Make sure they’ve been around for a while and have a great portfolio. This is the person you are trusting to capture your day in a beautiful way so make sure you work well with them and they are a good fit with you and your fiancé.    

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